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Hi, I have got a question: A female student from Timor-Leste told me, that it is common for women in Timor-Leste to remove all body hair despite the hair onto their heads. I found this information in the German Wikipedia-article about Timor-Leste but there are no other origins tell this information about Timoresian culture. Can you tell me whether it is correct or wrong? If it was wrong I would cancel the information from the article. Thank you very much! Best regards, Juhan [1], German Wikipedia

User:J. Patrick Fischer answered on Juhan's German talk page (yes, long time ago...). --MF-Warburg (de diskusaun) 15:44, 12 June 2007 (UTC)


TIMOR IS IN OCEANIA -- See WIKIPEDIA link: http://en.bywiki.com/wiki/Transcontinental_nation#East_Timor

Depends on. What is the "definition" in East Timor? In Germany, for example, East Timor is counted as an Asian country. So we need to find out how it is in East Timor itself. --MF-Warburg (de diskusaun) 17:09, 13 Novembru 2007 (UTC)


East Timor is not an ocean country but ocording to various media is a southeast asian country !! see http://es.bywiki.com/wiki/Timor_Leste. and http://en.bywiki.com/wiki/East_Timor --Inikumalay BJ 16:27, 10 Dezembru 2007 (UTC)


Ha'u hakerek iha pájina agora. --MF-Warburg (de diskusaun) 17:00, 9 Marsu 2008 (UTC)

Question about geographical names[edita]

Can anyone translate to Tetun geographical names listed below? Aotearoa 11:23, 1 Novembru 2009 (UTC)

  • Malay Archipelago (Arquipélago Malaio)
  • Sunda Islands (Ilhas de Sonda)
  • Lesser Sunda Islands (Arquipélago das Pequenas Ilhas Sonda)

Muda naran ba Timor-Leste[edita]

Governo Timor-Leste no ema Timor uza barak liu naran "Timor-Leste" bainhira koalia kona ba sira nia rai. Ema ladun uza "Timor Lorosa'e". Tuir hau nia hanoin, ita tenki muda artiku ne'e ba naran "Timor-Leste" no kria redirect husi "Timor-Lorosa'e" ba "Timor-Leste". Hau hatama ona Ambox iha pajina hodi informa kona ba naran mudansa.

English: the Timorese government and the people of Timor-Leste use "Timor-Leste" to refer to their country in Tetun. "Timor Lorosa'e" is seldom used. I propose we move the name of this article to "Timor-Leste" and create a redirect from "Timor-Lorosa'e". I added an ambox at the top of this page to inform the community of that upcoming change.